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Viral Loops and Referral Marketing
Written by Advit Sahdev on Oct. 17th 2019
Just like in B2C, direct traffic is the best. Similarly, in B2B referral prospect is the best

Let’s look at some examples of viral loops, but before that, watch this video

Viral loops & Negative churn rate
Viral loop is a loop where you share a referral message and the customer shares with their friends. Some of the friends then become your customers and they share the message with their friends and some of those friends become your customers and so on. The loop continues to get you new customers forever.


Dropbox method – Refer 5 friends and get free account / space

Uber – Share your Invite code with friends and get free ride for every person who signs up

Many social games like Candy Crush – Invite your friends to play and get free x points to go to the next level

Invite only access – For e.g. Gmail – Only users could invite others to become users thus creating restricted access leading to exclusivity and maximum referral conversions

Snapchat – Invite more friends to use the app and unlock more and more features to have more funJust like in B2C, direct traffic is the best. Similarly, in B2B referral prospect is the best

Let’s look at some examples of viral loops, but before that, watch this video

20 mighty methods to sell anything online
Written by Advit Sahdev on Oct. 17th 2019
Although there are hundreds of methods to sell and sales gurus have been teaching these for years, there are only a few methods that are really practical and have examples that support the theories.

It is important for a consumer to understand these concepts and know when he is being influenced.

Smart sellers and marketers are taught these concepts in advanced classes, so you can be rest assured that when you learn these methods, you will be much better placed to handle any sort of manipulation.

Show belonging “you belong to their community”
Use Fear of Missing out
Make the user go through Guilt
Build Trust (transparent, testimonials, be human, reduce risks, known brands, tell what your product does NOT do)
Always answer these – Why, how, what – Golden circle
Show Value to the customer (Perceived benefits)
Focus on Instant Gratification
Show to-Be State
Use Novelty as a USP
Tell a story about your brand
Create a common Enemy
Create curiosity
Build anticipation
Use Social proof
Always use References in pricing (multiple options)
Make them feel significant
Create scarcity
create Controversy for attention
Show Authority
Use Reciprocity by doing a favour

These 20 concepts are so powerful that when used by ordinary sales men too, the sales numbers sky rocket. You can see them everywhere on the internet, specially on the larger brand sites, so next time you get attracted by a product, take a minute and look for the actual reason that made you buy the product.
Target the Degree of Purchase Intent

Written by Advit Sahdev on Oct. 17th 2019
On a typical website, a user typically has 10-15 different types of touch points. These touch points with the website are key for a brand to understand as then only the brand will be able to understand the consumer and what he / she is looking for.

It is important to understand that the purpose of each and every touch point is very different when you look from a consumer’s perspective and that in itself determines the intent of the purchase for the consumer. For example, the purchase intent of Payment Gateway will be the highest as compared to the Purchase Intent on other touch points, and it would be one of the lowest on the Blogs page as compared to other pages.

So depending on the degree of purchase intent, the messaging should be articulated to ensure a smooth journey for the customer on the path to purchase.Displaying a sales offer on the blog page may not be the best strategy as the Purchase Intent is still pretty low, but Educating the customer about the benefits of your product would definitely be a better message as the customer is currently looking for more “information” rather than a “sales offer”

Author: Advit Sahdev

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